Music for your children by these children

In the city of New Delhi, India there is an inspirational project being run by young people to bring music participation to children whose lives are affected by poverty, deprivation and homelessness. This website aims to bring that music to you and your family. This is music by these children for your children.

Music Basti is a youth-led charitable organisation that organises music workshops in special homes for street children. They bring professional musicians to teach rhythm, singing and music participation – and they bring a small measure of joy with them each time they do.

In 2010, researchers from the Centre for Media and Cultural Research at Birmingham City University, in collaboration with New Music Strategies brought an award-winning UK record producer to the Music Basti project to make a very special album that captures the voices and the hopes of these children. That album is now available to you – to listen to, and to purchase for whatever you think it’s worth – including free.

The album is called Monkey on the Roof. It’s a fun album. An uplifting album. An album for children by children – and all proceeds go to the Music Basti charity. Why is it called Monkey on the Roof? Because there really was.

This website documents the recording project, the people involved, the places, and the experiences of the children – using video, photography and blogging. As you explore the project, you’ll understand what’s at stake, but also how much the kids learn and benefit from participation in music. You can also get yourself a copy of the album that resulted, and help us share the important work that Music Basti are doing.

Thanks for your time – and hope you enjoy the project.