Interview with Harjina

Faith interviewed some of the children involved in the Music Basti workshops about what they like about music and how it affects their lives.

Singing and clapping

Rhythm training is an essential component of the musical experience, it not only serves to build this skill, but it also enhances the children’s ability to cooperate, listen, and unlike otherwise in life, any discord is met with laughter and a new beginning!

What does Music Basti do?

Faith is the project leader for Music Basti. Here, she explains what the organisation does, and how the volunteers and musicians work together to bring music to the street children of Delhi.

Laughing in the rhythm workshop

The workshops are places of learning and are developed with a clear and serious curriculum. But it’s also important that the kids enjoy themselves.

Introducing our record producer Ian Wallman

Ian is a member of New Music Strategies, an award-winning record producer and all-round nice guy. It’s his first time in India.

Suhail talks about what we did today

An overview of the day’s workshop.

Singing with Suhail

The children sing “Kahana Re”, a song that has traveled through centuries and finds a new home with the children’s rendition in the walls of the girls’ home tucked away in a hidden, overpopulated corner in Old Delhi.

Secret handshake

BCU Researcher Jez Collins had recently been working on a project in the barrios of Medellin, Colombia working with hip hop artists. He brought some of the culture with him to Delhi.

Scales with the harmonium

Professional musician Neeraj plays the harmonium to give the children the notes to warm up and learn the scales.

Rhythm and vocals

Chayan Adhikari of Advaita leads the girls through an exercise involving listening and clapping, rhythm and motor skills, count with them!

1 (ek) and (aur) 2 (doh) aur 3 (teen) aur 4 (chaar) aur…!

Recording Daulat

Neeraj instructs the children to listen and sing carefully, as he strums energetically and the children sing the vehement song that questions wealth, status, luck, fate, gender discrimination and claims that we as children aren’t bothered with all these differences, in this world of liars we continue to speak the truth.

Quiet time with Five8

The children listen to the band carefully while Robin sings the melody of their powerful song, “Boondon Mein” (In raindrops) before they record!